In Top Playlists, we are experts in developing and pushing releases, artists and playlists in digital platforms applying the newest music marketing techniques. Our work is 100% organic and human, that is why we give special attention to every project. If you are here, it means that our team has chosen your profile personally.

In order to ensure optimal results, we work a limited number of projects at the same time.


With this plan you will manage to increase the reach of your track in the hispanic market (Spain & Latin America). Nowadays is one of the most powerful markets in the music streaming globally.

Top Playlists is the most complete digital platform of the market. We are present in radio, YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, Podcasts, Apple Music and Deezer with more than 5 million followers. Get your song to every corner.

This work plan is customized for every project and it depends on the listening and approval of the track by the Top Playlists editorial team. You can find more information here.


Thanks to your plan, you will increase your fan base inside Spotify. If they follow you in social networks, why don’t they do it in Spotify where you also have your creations?

Why is it important to have followers in your artist profile?

Having followers in your Spotify profile is vital if you want to consolidate your relationship with your listeners:

  • With a bigger number of followers you will be more present at the homepage of the users.
  • Moreover,  your releases will be notified automatically to your followers reaching a bigger audience the day of the release.
  • Finally, the algorithm will have you in mind and you will be included in more algorithmic playlists (release radar, customized new tracks…) and radios.

Real case managed by Top Playlists:


This plan is developed with the goal of creating a bigger tie between you and the streaming platform that could benefit you in the long term. Also, having a playlist allows you to have another asset to share with the fans a part from being a new way to foster own streams and a business tool to work or collaborate with other artists.

Caso real gestionado por Top Playlists:


With this plan, you will increase your presence in streaming which will lead to increasing your tickets and merchandising sales. Your organic streams will also improve. You will turn your listeners into fans. On the other hand, the platform will notice you via its algorithm and you will enlarge your visibility.