In Top Playlists, we are experts in developing and pushing playlists and brands in streaming platforms applying the newest digital marketing techniques. Our work is 100% organic and human, that is why we treat every project with special attention.

In order to ensure the best results, we work a limited number of projects at the same time.


Are you planning to advertise your project in Spotify, Deezer or radio? In Top Playlists, we design your advert from zero and we deliver it to you within 24 hours (per audio advert). We create your advert with different lengths   (15 seconds, 30 seconds…) according to your needs.

All our productions are supervised by Bruno Navarro, music director of Top Playlists, one of the most relevant audio designers in Spain  (LOS 40, Europa FM, TV3…).

We have a voice catalog with different speakers so you can have a production that transmits a 100% what you want to communicate.

Languages available: Spanish, Catalan, English


On account of the volume of songs we receive daily from artists, managers and labels, we have created a PREMIUM PITCH, an exclusive service for labels. Thanks to this service our editorial team will prioritize and guarantee the listening of your releases. In Addition, you will receive a review of every song sent and a notification if some of the tracks fit in our platform.

IMPORTANT: This service does not guarantee the inclusion of the songs in playlists, Our editors are the ones who decide freely which songs are included and where.

If you want to submit songs for free you can use the general form.


Nowadays, having presence in streaming platforms is ESSENTIAL for the labels. In Top Playlists, we are specialized in it and we not only update your playlists regularly, but we also use the newest digital marketing techniques in order to position it and make it grow. Our editorial team will follow your releases plan with the aim of being synchronized and achieve the goals of the company.

If you are interested, ask for more information.


Benefits of having a successful playlist:

  1. Attract new artists/clients
  2. Tool for negotiate with other labels or independent curators (swapping)
  3. Own source of streams
  4. Earn more visibility and recognition in the industry

Real case managed by Top Playlists:


There are more releases and more platforms than ever before and the consume of music is the highest in history.

This has made the speed in finding new hits essential as the music is consumed in a frenetic way.

Our editorial team is in streaming 24/7 listening and analyzing charts, looking for new music for our playlists.  This, together with  the data analysis tools allows us to discover opportunities (songs and artists) for possible licenses and developments.

This is an exclusive service we only develop for a limited number of labels respecting the exclusivity.