Top Playlists has a team of music experts specialized in streaming and playlists development. We have been pioneers on the sector and that has made us have a wide experience on the subject. Among other things, we have published the first playlists related book in Spanish and given music curation lessons at SAE Institute Spain.

Moreover, we created the most relevant playlists channel in Spanish globally: Top Playlists, which reached more than 5 million of followers in playlists.

Which are the benefits of having more followers at your own playlist? 

– You can create your own source of income

– You can boost your artistic brand on streaming

– You can give added value to your fans

– You can promote your music yourself

– You can create synergies with other artists or labels

How will we do it?

We will update your list weekly, focusing on your profile, your audience, your goals, etc.

We will promote it among our segmented audience depending on the topic and the target audience of the playlist.

*Real case developed by Top Playlists


At the end of every month, we will send you a report with the growth of your playlist