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Spotify develops a plagiarism detector

According to MBW Spotify is filling a European patent for a new invention. It is a plagiarism detector that by means of artificial intelligence will be able to detect almost in real time if your song matches elements such as melody, chords, lyrics, or notes with other songs already published and therefore could be considered plagiarism.

The goal is for the artist to know before publishing a song, (during the songwriting/producing process) if he would be committing a crime of plagiarism by publishing the track. In turn, if the song does not match others, the detector would highlight the song as ‘a completely new song’.

The best part is that the artist would be able to pass the demo through the detector before recording the final version so that he could make changes before releasing it to the market and avoid further legal issues.

If the detector detectes plagiarism, it will include a link to the song that is supposedly being plagiarized so the artist can hear it.

At the moment, it is not known if this tool will be available soon, what is clear is that Spotify is not relentless in its efforts to create new technologies to continue leading the sector.

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