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Spotify releases new official charts

Spotify has launched two new official charts (Top Albums and Top Songs) both for USA and Global. Their intention seems to be basically to continue being a reference for the industry, but this time, in a more ‘serious’ way. Spotify charts have been in the last years the preferred tool to measure the success of a song, but, it is clear that those charts were, at least at the beginning, made for music listeners to use rather than for business purposes.

With these two new type of charts, Spotify is offering a more ‘business friendly’ tool for artists and labels to use as they have labelled the charts as ‘official’ for the first time.

TOP SONGS will be published every Monday and will feature the best performing songs from Friday (typically a release day) to Thursday. TOP ALBUMS will do the same with albums, which is a complete novelty as digital music streaming has always focused its attention to singles rather than albums.

Those new charts are only available for now in the US, but will soon be available in other countries.

Spotify has also launched a new chart called ‘Top Debuts’ which will feature the best performing releases from Friday to Sunday. It will also be published every Monday.

The only bad thing about these charts is that they only reflect how the songs and albums are performing inside Spotify.

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