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Spotify registers a patent for 3D audio

According to the online publication MBW, Spotify is working on developing 3D audio for its platform. However, according with the patent they filled, their intentions with this new tool, are not related with the sound quality of the music, but with the sound quality of their advertising.

Yes, you have read it right, Spotify is working on improving its adverts offer and therefore attracting more advertising companies who, in the end, are the ones that pay for the free plans of the platform. This would be the idea:

You are going for a walk while you listen to some music from you free Spotify account and suddenly an advertising starts to play. An advertising of McDonalds, for example, but, the audio you are listening seems to come from your right. So you turn right and, surprise, surprise you see a McDonalds establishment . Once you are looking to it, you receive the sound from the advertising from your front. Basically, the 3D audio implies that you will listen the advertising coming from a certain geographical point in order to attract your attention to that certain point.

It does not seem a very useful feature for artists, however, we hope this new patent could also develop into some new cool features related with music.
Moreover, the intention of Spotify is basically to attract investors and more advertising campaigns for its platform which in the end should have an effect on how much artists are paid. More advertising means more money Spotify is able to pay to artists and labels.