Spotify realiza cambios en su mayor playlist de novedades

You can now share a live event in Spotify, not enjoy it

Part of the industry was waiting a few months ago for Spotify to announce a live streaming event functionality, something that could made possible to enjoy live streaming shows inside the platform (Amazon or Facebook have already announce it). Well, Spotify has finally said something about the topic but, not quite what everyone expected. Spotify has announced this week that they will take advantage of his collaboration with songkick, a concert discovery service owned by Warner and list all the live events uploaded to songkick on the ‘concerts tab’ of the artists’ profiles.

This way, artists will be able to stand out the event on their Artist’s Pick.

Basically, Spotify will now list live events where it listed before regular shows. We have to keep in mind that shows will not be able to be enjoyed inside the platform. Artists will be able to host the events in platforms such as Twitch, Instagram Live, YouTube Live or their own webpage.