Cardi B COVID 19

Cardi B and how to make money from fans in the COVID-19 era

The digital era has its pros and its cons; music is everywhere and easy to access to but it is also underpaid. Anyone can release a song but not everyone can make enough money to live off, this continues to be the same. Digital music generates less than a cent per stream, therefore the music industry has had to focus on other activities in order to balance out. We are talking, of course, about shows, among other business opportunities. Shows that have been cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 situation.

This makes us conclude that as other professionals, music artists have lost a big part of their source of income. However, the digital world seems to be not only the problem but the solution too. You can ask, for example, Cardi B who has announced recently a new monthly subscription service. This subscription service will cost 4,99$ per month and will allow fans to access to some exclusive content by the singer. Here we find a new source of income, why would you give free content on social networks if you can charge for it?

This business opportunity seems to be a win to win situation, the artists generates money with its social content (more than with its music content, by the way), while the fan pays happily to be able to have a closer relationship with his/her idol. It is a good deal that benefits everyone as the own platform where Cardi B will launch the service states: OnlyFans.

If you are an artist that has lost its main source of money, give it a try, you will keep on entertain your fans while you promote their loyalty with this platform.


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