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Elon Musk will stream music straight to your brain

The time has come for Humanity to enter into the future and why not, to become robots. At least, this is what anyone could think after all the inventions that have been developed lately. Inventions for example like ‘Google Glass’ (2014), a hands free device (a pair of glasses, to be clear) that allows the user to make use of a smartphone without having to touch anything.

Now, the invention has something to do with music and that is why we are writing about it. The inventor in this case is Elon Musk more known for being the CEO of Tesla and for being one of the founders of PayPal.

Neuralink, is one of his last projects, and it is basically a chip that will connect our brains with computers.

A few days ago, a Twitter user asked if this chip would allow people to stream music directly from their brains and the answer was simple and clear: «YES».


Now, is it good news…? The idea of having to control everything only from our mind, not using our body, would mean we would no longer be able to do some things mechanically and only thinking about that already causes headaches…!


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